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College of beauty and aesthetics science is the latest division under ECDL. We offer two courses.

1 . One year Diploma in beauty care

2 . Six month Diploma in Basic  beauty care

Today beauty care is a global multimillion dollar industry that employs millions of people.

If you have an eye for beauty, enjoy interacting with people and delight in transforming a plain looking person into a stunning sophisticate, beauty care is a field you could excel in. As a beautician you can learn beauty therapy, hair styling, makeup, massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, electrolysis, herbal beauty care etc. many International companies employ a large and growing network of women for direct selling of their line of popular cosmetics and beauty aids on a part time basis. Thanks to the growing fashion, fitness and beauty consciousness coupled with rising incomes and beauty culture, cosmetology has emerged as a major occupational avenue with tremendous commercial potential. Spurred by new scientific developments, techniques, products and media hype, the Indian beauty industry has truly come of age generating mega revenues. An interesting aspect of this job is that it does not demand high academic qualifications although a flair for the job is definitely an asset. The training can also be taken up at a later stage in life say in your thirties or forties.

We take every care to provide you the latest training. Training includes both theory and practical. Course material is provided by us. You can get the best of training at reasonable fees and get trained by professionals with years of experience in the specific field. Our courses are recognized by the government and you have a greater chance of employment.